Consultancy Services

From a good idea to a successful project

The EU provides funding and grants for a broad range of projects and programmes covering different areas. Funding is managed according to strict rules to ensure that there is tight control over how funds are used and that funds are spent in a transparent, accountable manner.

Horizon 2020 Consultancy Services is a unique company in Denmark that focuses on EU Projects Consulting as our core competency.

Our Foundation is built on providing EU Project Management as a service to ensure the success of the project. Our perfection is in providing full solutions to SMEs that wish to coordinate a project and/or to join projects as partners.

We can assist with finding and applying for the relevant grants and in forming effective partnerships between agencies, universities, businesses, and governmental affiliations that could benefit your research project.


  1. High quality service that will help you find resources and partners to start your project.
  2. High quality coordination and management services after the project is approved.


  • Finding relevant EU calls to fund your project.
  • Finding possible partners.
  • Conducting the project description and scope.
  • Filling and submitting the project papers to the EU Commission.
  • Advising you with regards to the Consortium Agreement and project management after the approval of the application.
  • Managing the project budget.
  • Providing advice on the dissemination plan.
  • Communication methods inc social media activities.
  • Establishing and maintaining the project website.
  • Functioning as the project coordinator.
  • Providing administration services.

The first consultation meeting and preliminary recommendations are given free of charge.